Orbi App on My Mobile Device
June 28, 2021 / Maggie Wilson

Why Can’t I Download Orbi App on My Mobile Device?

What happened? Are you unable to download Orbi app on your mobile app? Well, fortunately, you’ve landed on the right page. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the various reasons why you aren’t able to download the Orbi application on your device. Not just that but you’ll also learn about how to troubleshoot the issue. So, without wasting any more time, read on.

Reasons Why You Aren’t Able to Download Orbi App

Mentioned below are the topmost reasons that might be stopping you from downloading the Netgear Orbi application on your mobile device:

  • Weak internet connection
  • Storage space on your mobile device is running out
  • Outdated play store
  • Netgear Orbi router isn’t running in the AP Mode
  • You haven’t enabled your mobile data

Now that you know why you aren’t able to download Orbi app on your device, let’s proceed further and get acquainted with the ways to fix the issue.

Note: While trying to troubleshoot the issue at hand, if you get stuck at any point, feel free to get in touch with our highly experienced technical experts. They’ll surely be able to figure out why and where you got stuck and provide you with an instant solution accordingly.

Troubleshooting: Can’t Download Netgear Orbi Application

Enable Your Mobile Data

Before jumping to unwanted assumptions, it is recommended that you check your mobile data first. Is it even enabled? If it’s enabled but you’re still facing the issue, then try to access a random website like orbilogin net. Doing so will give you an idea of whether your data plan has expired or something else is the reason why you aren’t able to download the Orbi app.

Check Your Internet Connection

Perhaps your mobile data is indeed enabled but your internet plan is expired. To troubleshoot this issue, renew your data plan. If you use WiFi, then check the connection between your Netgear Orbi router and modem. Is it strong enough? No? Well, it’s probably because your WiFi devices are connected wirelessly. Thus, use an Ethernet cable to connect them instead.

Still facing the internet issue? Why don’t you contact your Internet Service Provider? Chances are that the internet issue is from their end. And, contacting them will confirm this.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Another reason why you aren’t able to download Orbi app is because the storage space in your mobile device is running out. Therefore, clear out the cache of your device. Also, uninstall all the extra and unwanted apps occupying space in your device.

Once the clutter has been cleared, try to download the Netgear Orbi application. Still no luck? Well, then it looks like there’s only one thing stopping you from downloading the Netgear Orbi app. And that is, your Orbi router isn’t running in the AP Mode.

Run Your Orbi Router in AP Mode

Mentioned below are the step-by-step guidelines you need to follow in order to set up your Netgear Orbi router as an access point:

  • Grab an Ethernet cable and connect your Orbi router to the modem using it.
  • Open a random web browser on your laptop or computer.
  • Perform the process of Netgear Orbi login.
  • Once you’ve logged into your WiFi device, select Advanced > Orbi router AP mode.
  • Click on the Save button and wait for the changes to get saved.

By following these instructions, you’ll be able to set up your Netgear Orbi router as an access point.

After following the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this post, try to download Orbi app. Are you able to? No? Looks like the issue is much bigger than we thought. But, worry not. There’s no technical issue in existence that our experts can’t solve! Thus, get in touch with our team of experts right away.

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