Default Router IP Login is the default login IP meant to access the admin panel of WiFi routers and modems. By accessing the router admin interface using the default login IP, it is possible to change the default settings of your router. is used as the default IP by several router brands like Netgear, Tenda, D-Link, and Linksys.

Can I Use IP for Router Admin Login?

At the first glance, is supposed to be a private IP address. However, all IP addresses include four numerical values separated by periods. For instance, is a valid IP and so is or Default Router IP Login

Talking about, it has five numerical values which makes it invalid. So, if you are trying to reach the control panel of your router using, then let us tell you that it is the wrong one. IP is not used by any router brand. The correct router IP is Private networks make use of the private IP address space that includes three blocks of IP address, namely 16-bit block, 20-bit block, and 24-bit block. And the belongs to the first block that contains the IP range from to

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How to Log in to

In order to control, manage, and set up your WiFi router, you need to log in to (not Here are the instructions to follow for login admin:

  1. Be certain that you press the power button on your WiFi router.
  2. Now, enable WiFi on your computer and connect to a reliable network.
  3. Pull up an internet browser, be it Chrome or Edge.
  4. Move the mouse cursor to the address bar and click on it.
  5. Once you see the mouse cursor blinking, type
  6. Wait until the admin login window loads properly.
  7. Enter the admin user ID and passphrase.
  8. Hit Log In. Default Router IP Login

Ta-da! You are on the admin panel of your wireless router. Now, you can make setting changes as per your requirements.

Which Router Settings Can I Change After Login?

As soon as you are logged into admin panel, you can easily configure your router’s settings. Let’s have a quick look at settings you can customize:

  1. Change your WiFi router admin login username and password
  2. Set up parental controls
  3. Configure the WiFi network SSID and passphrase
  4. Customize the IP address of your router
  5. Update your WiFi router’s firmware
  6. Reset your wireless router

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access the admin login panel. What should I do?

To fix the issue, walk through the below-given troubleshooting steps:

  1. Remember to check if you are typing the correct IP address. Let us tell you that is not the right one.
  2. Use another web browser and try accessing the IP again.
  3. Power cycle your router.
I forgot the username and password for login. How do I recover them?

In the event that you failed to remember the username and password for admin login, you have to reset your router to the default factory settings. For this, you have to press the Reset button on your router using a paper clip or pin-like device. Once done, you can use the default login details for accessing the router’s admin panel.

Which IP address should I use for my router – or

As we have mentioned above, is the wrong IP. The correct one is So, whenever you try to access the configuration interface of your router, use IP rather than and avoid typos while entering the IP address.

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