Reboot Orbi WiFi Router
July 13, 2021 / Maggie Wilson

How to Power Cycle or Reboot Orbi WiFi Router?

It is common to experience Orbi problems from time to time. It could be related to intermittent WiFi issues or orbilogin not working. No matter what problem you are facing, if you reboot Orbi, it can become easy for you to get rid of various Orbi problems without any hassle.

Rebooting or power cycling an Orbi means to turn off your device and turn it back on again after some time. But, it is not that simple! You need to follow proper steps to get success with the reboot process of your Orbi device.

What Happens When You Reboot Orbi?

Rebooting an Orbi is nothing but giving your device a fresh start. It is recommended to reboot Orbi if the device is not well-performing or causing internet lag issues for you. If you think that by power cycling your router, your personalized data will get erased, then worry not. This is not reset, my friend!

Moving on, let’s now make you acquainted with the process of how to reboot Orbi WiFi router. Start here!

Step-by-step Guide to Reboot Orbi

  • Disconnect your Orbi

Before you commence the process of rebooting your Orbi, you need to disconnect it from other devices connected via orbilogin. For example, if your Orbi is connected to your home WiFi modem and Orbi satellite, consider disconnecting it from all of them.

  • Turn your devices off

Once you are all done with disconnecting your Orbi from other devices, turn off the power button of your modem, Orbi router, and satellite.

  • Unplug your WiFi devices

After turning all the devices off, unplug your modem, Orbi router, and then Orbi satellite. Make sure you unplug all the devices in the same order to get success with the reboot process of your Orbi.

  • Let your devices have some rest

After unplugging your devices, you need to wait for a while. This way your devices will get time to revive.

  • Plugin your devices

Now you can again plugin your WiFi devices to their respective wall outlets. You need to plug in the devices in the same order you followed while unplugging them.

  • Power up your devices

We hope that you have selected power outlets for your devices that are giving a sufficient power supply. Also, make sure there is no fluctuation problem with the sockets used by you for plugging in your devices. Now is the time to power up all your devices one by one and wait for the LED ring on your Orbi lit.

  • Reconnect your devices

You can now reconnect your devices (modem, router, and satellite). Although you can connect all the devices wirelessly, still it is recommended to connect them with the help of an Ethernet cable to avoid any connectivity issue. Once done, feel free to connect your client devices to the network of your Orbi by accessing the web address.

The moment you connect your devices to the Orbi network after rebooting it, you will be able to enjoy seamless internet connectivity. So, what are you waiting for? Reboot your router and get set to stream your favorite video without any interruption.

To Conclude

While users may not face any issues while executing the reboot Orbi process, but in case you need any kind of assistance for getting this executed, feel free to contact our technical experts for help. Our seasoned experts are on their toes to help users fix various problems related to their Orbi devices. So, no matter whether it is about power cycling your Orbi or doing its setup, you can ask our professionals for help.

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