Netgear Orbi RBR850 Not Connecting to Cox Router
April 3, 2024 / Bruce Martin

Why Netgear Orbi RBR850 Not Connecting to Cox Router?

Orbi mesh system distributed by Netgear brand. The Orbi mesh system has one WiFi router unit, two satellite nodes, along with it you will have Ethernet cable, power cord, and user manual.

Setting up Orbi device in your house is pretty easy process, but if you don’t follow the troubleshooting tips and instructions to complete Netgear Orbi setup, then you can face troubles with problems like router is not connecting with the modem.

Here, we will solve a query which is Netgear Orbi RBR850 not connecting to Cox router. We will start this blog post with the reasons one by one and solutions to fix the issue you are face.

Why Orbi RBR850 Not Connecting to Cox Router?

There can be many reasons that can cause you this router is not connecting to the Orbi RBR850 device. Down here, you will get a tour of a list of causing factors.

  • Router to router connection can establish with the help of the Ethernet cable, but if the cable is damaged, then you will face this disconnection issue.
  • Cox router and Orbi router get the signals from the home modem, so if the router and modem link is incorrect (wrong port selection), then it could be a reason of mentioned problem.
  • Orbi to Cox router can connect through the Ethernet cable by inserting the its ends in to incorrect ports of the routers can be a reason why your Orbi RBR850 not connecting to Cox router.
  • Other causing factors of this disconnection error are damaged Ethernet cable, cut power cord, and damaged electric wall socket.

Now, we will take you through full of solutions and troubleshooting tips section that help you to fix the Orbi RBR850 not connecting to Cox router issue.

How to Fix RBR850 Not Connecting to Cox Issue?

There are solutions and tips that help you to solve the not connecting issue, which are given down in this section.

1. Don’t Use Damaged Cable

Ethernet cable and power cord help you to connect the networking devices with each other and supply electricity to them. So, you do make sure that cables that are connected to the routers is not damaged. If you find any cable cut or damaged, then replace it with new one.

Don’t Use Damaged Cable

2. Fix Damaged Wall Socket

The wall socket must be close to the router location, but it should be in good condition and on an optimal location. If it is damaged then fix it y calling an electrician or if it is not on optimal spot, then shift your devices to another location which is far from the electronic devices like microwave ovens.

3. Select Correct Ports to Link

Port selection is so important, because it establishes physical connection between the Orbi router and Cox router. You must select the correct ports to insert the Ethernet cable and make a router bridge. The pattern is WAN port of the Orbi router and LAN port of the Cox router.

4. Reboot RBR850 and Cox Router

Refreshing the settings and system of both the routers can solve the Orbi RBR850 not connecting to the Cox router. You just have to reboot the routers by following these down written pointers.

Orbi RBR850

  • Find Power On/Off button of the router and press it twice.
  • Router will turn off, when you press the button first time.
  • Then it will reboot after the second time press.

Cox Router

  • Find the power adaptor which is inserted in wall socket.
  • Plug it out first from socket and router will turn off.
  • Then, plug it again in the wall socket to restart it.

5. Check Home Cox Router is Configured

If you haven’t configured you home Cox WiFi router, then you must adjust its settings by going in to Cox account using the Enter the login credentials like username and password, then reach router interface dashboard. Now, manage the settings, and also check for new firmware update.

After solving the problem, you must access the Orbi mesh system by using the Then adjust its settings and update new connected device network.

Wrap Up

Here you have come to end of this blog post, where you have read possible causing factors and solution to the problem that is Orbi RBR850 not connecting to Cox router. This blog contains a list of the reasons and a bigger list of solutions and troubleshooting tips. We are hoping that you have solved the issue swiftly and easily.

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