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Handy Tips to Secure Orbi Network: Boost Your Network Security

Setting up a Netgear Orbi network in your house can offer you fast, uninterrupted, and strong WiFi connection. Nonetheless, your Orbi device is also susceptible to various malicious attacks from other unauthorized users. So, it is important to secure Orbi network, especially in today’s internet era.

In order to change the security settings of your Netgear Orbi WiFi network, you need to access orbilogin.net web page. As soon as you log in to your Orbi device, you can easily modify security settings and make your network more secure.

Secure Orbi Network Now!

1. Change the Default Orbi Login Details

Each Netgear Orbi router comes with a default user ID and password. And these default details are easily accessible to everyone. So, the first and important step to secure Orbi network is to change the login credentials.

You can use your personal information as the username. However, regarding the password, it must be unique and easy to remember.

2. Choose Complex and Unique WiFi Password

The login password and your home WiFi password are different. They are not the same. Here, we are talking about the home WiFi password. Your Orbi WiFi network password should be strong, unique, and complex.

Don’t include your personal data like your name, spouse’s name, vehicle number, mobile number, and birthday in the password. However, don’t create so complicated password that you yourself forget it. Choose a strong yet easy-to-remember password for your Orbi network. It is recommended to use special characters and numbers along with lower case and upper case alphabets in the password.

3. Enable Network Encryption

Encryption is one of the most effective ways to secure Orbi network. Encryption scrambles your data or the contents of a message so that others can’t decipher it.

Let us tell that you that WPA2 is the most secure type of encryption to use for your home wireless network. On the off chance if you have older devices that are up to 10 years old, chances are that they might not be compatible with WPA2 so it is crucial to upgrade your home devices to improve your network security and performance.

4. Disable SSID Broadcast

While setting up an Orbi WiFi home network, you will be asked to create a publicly visible SSID or network name. As a result, anyone can connect to your WiFi network without your consent. So, it is always recommended to disable the SSID broadcast. Doing so will hide your network from the available networks’ list of people in the surrounding area.

5. Turn Off Your WiFi Network When Not at Home

Another way to secure Orbi network is to turn it off when you are not at home. Your WiFi network doesn’t need to be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Turning off the home WiFi when not in use reduces the chances of opportunistic hackers trying to break into your home when you are not in.

6. Keep Your Orbi Firmware Up to Date

Updating the firmware of your Netgear Orbi device can fix various bugs, technical glitches, and vulnerabilities. That’s why ensure that you check for available Orbi firmware updates on a regular basis. Whenever available, download and update that right away.

You can also enable automatic updates feature for your Orbi device. Doing so will make sure that every time an update becomes available for your device, it will be automatically updated. No need to manually update the Orbi firmware.

7. Place the Device in the Centre of Your Home

Homeowners often don’t realize that the placement of their Orbi device can also put an impact on their network security. In the event that your Orbi is placed near a door or window, it increases the chances of your WiFi signal being intercepted by someone else. So, to secure Orbi network, it is best to keep your Orbi device as close to the center of your house as possible.

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