Step-by-Step Instructions to Configure Netgear Orbi in AP Mode
February 17, 2022 / Maggie Wilson

Step-by-Step Instructions to Configure Netgear Orbi in AP Mode

In this post, we have talked about how to perform Netgear Orbi setup in AP mode. Configuring your Orbi in AP mode will enable you to use your Orbi router’s WiFi network instead of the WiFi on your existing router. To learn more, stick to reading.

How to Set Up Your Orbi in AP Mode?

Turn On Your Netgear Orbi
  1. Start the setup process by plugging your Netgear Orbi router into a power outlet.
  2. Press the Power button.
  3. Wait for some time and let the LED become solid green.
Connect Your WiFi Devices
  1. Grab hold of an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the internet port of your Orbi router and another to the LAN port of your existing router.
  3. Make sure that the connection between your wired devices is not loose.
  1. The next step in line is to get access to your laptop.
  2. Launch an internet browser of your choice. See to it that its cache, cookies, and browsing history are cleared.
  3. In the URL bar of the internet browser, enter orbilogin net (default web address).
  4. Press the Enter key.
Perform Netgear Orbi Login
  1. Hitting Enter will take you to the Netgear Orbi administrative page.
  2. When prompted, enter the default username and password of your wireless device.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. You will find yourself on the BASIC Home screen.
Select the AP Mode Option
  1. Select Advanced > Advanced Setup.
  2. Thereafter, click the Router/AP Mode button.
  3. Select AP Mode radio and wait for the page to adjust.
  4. Select an IP address setting from the following:
    • Get dynamically from the existing router.
    • Use the fixed IP address.

Note: You are not supposed to use the Orbi application to manage your Orbi system when it is in AP mode.

In this manner, you will successfully be able to set up your Orbi in AP mode. On the off chance, you were not able to climb the ladder of success, follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below or get in touch with our technical experts.

Can’t Configure Netgear Orbi in AP Mode?

1. Check the Wall Outlet

Make sure that the wall socket into which your Netgear Orbi router is plugged is not damaged. In case it is, consider plugging your device into another wall outlet.

2. Verify the Ethernet Connection

If you have used a damaged Ethernet cable to connect your wireless devices, get it replaced with a new one immediately.

3. Update Your Internet Browser

Whether you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge, make sure that it is running on its updated version.

4. Use the Default IP Address

If refuses to help you get logged into your Netgear Orbi router, consider using the default IP address for the same purpose.

5. Enter the Correct Admin Details

In case you are not certain regarding the default username and password your Orbi router, avoid entering the incorrect ones. First, refer to the user manual, confirm the admin details, and then use them to access the BASIC Home screen.

6. Relocate Your Netgear Orbi

Ensure that your Netgear Orbi router is placed nowhere near cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, fish tanks, mirrors, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, aluminum studs, corners, and thick concrete walls.

Once you are done following these troubleshooting hacks, try to configure your Netgear Orbi in AP mode. Are you able to?

Need Our Help?

Although the step-by-step guidelines mentioned in this post will help you configure your Orbi in AP mode with ease, in case you are not able to finish the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technicians.
Trust us, they are always on their toes to help out users like you come out of their misery.

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