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Orbi 960: Setting Up Your Mesh WiFi System

Orbi 960 has recently entered the WiFi devices market but grabbing the attention of many users. The Quad-Band Mesh WiFi 6E system is efficient enough when it comes to offering lag-free internet throughout your home. You can connect your Orbi 960 router (RBRE960) with the modem to stream video or play online games seamlessly. Not only that, but the Company has also introduced Orbi 960 Satellite (RBSE960) to let users extend the range of WiFi in every nook and cranny.

In this write-up, we have come up with complete information on how to set up the Orbi 960 Mesh WiFi system and make the most of it. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the Orbi 960 setup process.

Orbi 960 Setup: All You Need to Know

Users can set up their Orbi 960 routers either using the manual method or via the app. Below is the breakdown of the manual method to help users make their devices up and running without any hassle.

Manually Set Up Orbi 960 Router (RBRE960)

Get your Orbi 960 router out of its box and give it a suitable place in your home.
Before getting started with the setup process, make sure that your modem is already configured.

  • Plug in the Orbi 960 near your modem and turn it on.
  • Once done, look for the Ethernet cable you might have received with your device in the box.
  • Got it? We hope yes!
  • Now connect the modem to the Orbi 960 router with the help of the cable and make sure the connection between both devices is finger-tight.
  • Next, you need to access orbilogin web address by opening a web browser on your computer.
  • You then be asked to log in to your Orbi Mesh system.
  • Type the default details of your Orbi 960 router into their respective fields and click Log In.
  • Orbi 960 setup wizard will come into view.
  • Reaching the dashboard, you are advised to get access to the settings of the device and then follow on-screen instructions.

This is how you can set up Orbi 960 router.

Now is the time to sync your Orbi 960 Satellite with your router. Here’s how to make things happen.

Steps to Sync Orbi 960 Satellite with WiFi router

  • Place your Orbi 960 Satellite (RBSE960) within the range of your WiFi router.
  • Power it up by connecting its adapter to a wall outlet.
  • The LED lights of your Orbi 960 Satellite will turn on in some time.
  • Press the Sync button on both of your devices.
  • If you want to establish an Ethernet connection between both devices, connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the port of your Orbi 960 router and another end to the port of the Orbi Satellite.

That’s how you can sync your device and enjoy internet access in every part of your home.

What’s More?

Users, at times, face issues while configuring the Orbi 960 WiFi Mesh system at their homes. If you are also experiencing any issues while setting up the device, have a nudge on the checkpoints below.

Tips to Fix Orbi 960 Setup Issues

Tip 1: Make use of only a working Ethernet cable to connect your devices. If you find any wear and tear in the cable, consider replacing it. Or, in case there is no access to an additional cable, connect your devices wirelessly keeping LED lights status in mind.

Tip 2: Ensure to use only an up-to-date web browser for accessing the orbilogin web address. The use of an outdated internet browser can prevent you from accessing the login page and hamper the Orbi 960 setup process.

Tip 3: Obstructions in the way of your router and satellite can also hamper their performance. Thus, it is recommended to keep WiFi-interference-causing devices away from the reach of your Orbi 960 router and satellite.

Tip 4: Place your Orbi router and Satellite within the range of each other, in an open area, and most importantly over a higher surface. This way you will be enjoying WiFi signals without any interruptions.

Tip 5: Non-techies are not well-informed about setting up a WiFi device. If you are not much familiar with technology, we advise that you seek personal assistance from our technical experts and ask them to set up your Orbi.

Wrapping Up

We are now going to conclude our guide on doing Orbi 960 setup. It is expected that the steps jotted down in the post will help you make your Orbi WiFi Mesh system functional in a jiffy.

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