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Guide to Fix Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Code Issue

How to resolve the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code is a burning question that Orbi users have posted online and looking for a quick fix for the same. Fortunately, we have got your back if you own an Orbi too, and are troubled by the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL issue.

Users have reported encountering the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code when attempting to use specific device functions through the Orbi app.

To elaborate, users simply see the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error message when trying to view the list of devices connected to their Orbi with the help of the Orbi app. Apart from that, when users attempt to access the parental controls, the same issue comes into appearance.

How to Troubleshoot Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL Error Code?

There are certain tips you can get into execution for ridding yourself of the ongoing issue. However, we suggest you first start with a simple reboot.

1. Restart Your Devices

Reboot your Orbi and the device on which the Orbi app is installed before implementing any further steps. Perhaps a technical issue is interfering with your devices’ hardware or software and causing the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code problem.

Simply switch off both your devices for a while and then turn them back on. This will probably be of some help when it comes to fixing the CDIL-API-FAIL issue.

2. Update Firmware

If rebooting has not brought you any luck, try updating the firmware of your Orbi. There is a chance that you are stuck with the current issue due to the use of outdated firmware.

This is to inform you that Orbi often releases firmware updates for various models of its routers and satellites. These updates come handy for fixing various bugs and bringing security patches to your device. So, get access to the orbilogin.com web address and check if any new firmware is offered by Orbi for the model you have. If you found the availability of any new firmware, get it updated without any more delay.

3. Uninstall and Re-install Orbi App

You may also run into issues and stuck with the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code if the app being used is not working fine.

In order to get the issue fixed, you need to wipe off the Orbi app from your device. As soon as you are done with uninstalling the app, navigate to the App store compatible with the OS of your device and search for the official Orbi app.

Once found, get it downloaded – however, bear in mind to only update the latest app version. Done with the process? We hope yes! Now, log in to your Orbi using the app and try accessing the features bringing you the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code.

This time you may not catch up with the same issue! Just in case still parental controls are not accessible and you even can’t check the list of devices connected to your Orbi, head towards the next troubleshooting trick in line.

4. Contact Your ISP

Another potential cause of the CDIL-API-FAIL issue on your Orbi app could be an internet outage. As a result, check with your Internet Service Provider to see if there is a local internet outage.

Additionally, check to see if you have simultaneously enabled WiFi and mobile data on your smartphone. You need to know that turning on both internet sources simultaneously can disrupt your connection and perhaps cause a problem similar to the one you are presently experiencing.

5. Change Your Device

If you’ve tried everything to resolve the CDIL-API-FAIL problem but still can’t succeed, try logging in to your Orbi’s settings using a different computer or device.

It’s possible that the problem is device-specific and is restricting you from using all of your device’s features. Make sure the new device has the most recent Orbi app installed and is virus-free before switching to it.

Final Thoughts

Our troubleshooting guide on how to resolve the Orbi CDIL-API-FAIL error code issue ends here. It is anticipated that by using the aforementioned hacks, you will be able to resolve the problem and gain access to all the features of your Orbi.

If even after giving your 110%, you can’t get the issue fixed, we suggest you reach out to our seasoned experts and ask them to resolve the issue for you.


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