New Orbi App Not Working on iPhone? Here’s the Fix!
August 10, 2022 / Maggie Wilson

New Orbi App Not Working on iPhone? Here’s the Fix!

Apps have become essential for making our life easier, no matter whether you are using Android or iOS. Lately, Orbi users approached our technical experts saying that the new Orbi app not working on iPhones. As apps are nothing but software, they could also fall victim to issues. One such might be witnessed by you.

If you are an Orbi user and facing the Orbi app not working on iPhone issue, you have reached the right place. In this blog, we are going to list the hacks which can help you fix the problem at hand.

Fixed: New Orbi App Not Working on iPhone

There are numerous reasons the Orbi app can stop working; thankfully with reasons, there are plenty of ways to get the Orbi app back on track. We’ve compiled a list of fixes below. So, if your Orbi app is misbehaving, try the tricks right away.

Possible Fixes for Orbi App Not Working Issue

1. Roll Back to the Previous Version

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to update the most recent version of all apps. Certain apps’ most recent updates or beta releases frequently contain unexpected problems and malfunctions that could be the reason why Orbi app doesn’t operate on iPhone.

For fixing the issue, you can roll back to the previous version of the Orbi app. Hopefully, this will repair the problem of the new Orbi app not working on iPhone issue.

2. Update the App

In the last few days, there was a prevalent issue that came across Orbi users that the Orbi app stopped working. If you are encountering the same issue, check whether there is any new update available for the Orbi app for iPhone. If yes, get it updated to rid yourself of the issue.

App can be updated by opening the Apple Play Store and tapping the Hamburger button. If you see the Orbi app can be updated, tap Update and let it flaunt the latest software version. Once done, launch the app and see if you can access the settings of your Orbi.

3. Force-Stop the App

If you have given all the hacks give above a shot but the Orbi app continues to act up, we suggest you force-stop it.

Perhaps, the app got crashed because you have not closed it properly. In that case, force-stopping it could fix the issue and make it work again.

4. Wipe Off Cache

Another possible way that can help you fix the annoying problem is to clear the cache of the app stored.

Keep in mind to clear the App’s cache and data in a timely manner. If you delay, you may witness the issue you are currently facing along with the slowdown of your iPhone. So, repeat the process, whenever needed.

5. Uninstall and Install the Orbi App

If none of the tips listed above have brought you luck, you could try uninstalling the Orbi app and installing it again on your iPhone.

For freeing up your phone from the Orbi app, simply touch and hold the app. The Delete option will appear. Tap Delete to confirm the uninstallation process of the Orbi app. Once done, head towards the App Store and install it back on your iPhone. Make sure you do not initiate any background activities on your device while installing the Orbi app.

6. Still the Same? Reboot Your Device

Know that when nothing is bringing you success, a simple reboot can do wonders. So, what are you waiting for?

Press the power button on your iPhone until the power-off slider comes into view. By dragging the slider, you can turn your device off. Turn it on again after some time and cross the password protection journey to unlock it.

Now you can launch the app to check if the Orbi app is working for you or not.

7. Check Your Orbi

Orbi app not working issue can also make you baffled if your Orbi is not configured in a proper manner.
The issue can be fixed by restoring your Orbi to the default settings and then configuring it again using the web address.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned how to fix the new Orbi app not working on iPhone, let us know which trick worked in your case. If you can’t make the Orbi app up and running on your own, ask our experts to give you personalized assistance and fix the long-going issue.

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