How to Recover Orbi Router Password?

Have you forgotten the password of your Orbi router? Do you want to reset your Orbi? If any of these questions is troubling you, worry not! We have got you covered!

There is a need for the Orbi router password if you want to reset the device, change the existing password, looking to manage the connected devices, or interested to add a new device. If you forgot the password and can’t recover it, then read the steps given below.

Recover Orbi Router Password Using a Web Browser

  • Connect your Orbi router to the PC using an Ethernet cable.
  • Get access to your laptop or computer.
  • Launch a web browser on it and enter orbi login net in the web address bar.
  • The login window appears.
  • Sign in to your device using the default Orbi login credentials.
  • If you can’t, hit the Cancel button.
  • This will open a dialog box asking you to enter the Orbi serial number.

Note: You will be prompted only if password recovery is enabled.

  • Enter the serial number of your Orbi and hit Continue to proceed further.
  • You will then be prompted to give answers to your security questions.
  • Enter the answer you set at the time of setting up your Orbi and hit Continue.
  • A window will open revealing your recovered password.
  • Now hit the Login Again option.

You can now perform Netgear Orbi login using the recovered password.

If the above method is not working for you, there is one more way to save you from the hassle. Let’s go through it.

Recover Orbi Router Password Using Your Connected PC

To use this method, your PC must be connected to your Orbi router. Apart from that, you must be having knowledge of using tools and functions available in your Windows operating system.

  • You can start with navigating to Network and sharing center either from the running tray of your desktop or from the home screen of your system.
  • From there, open Network Properties to have a tab on the current WiFi details.
  • Now, head towards Wireless properties to check all the details related to the WiFi connection.
  • Once there, you will find the Security tab option. Simply select it and unveil the characters entered in the password field.
  • You will find Show Characters’ option next to the password.

Using these characters, you can log in to your Orbi without any hassle.

Once you are done with recovering the Orbi router password, you are suggested to change it to something that can be easily remembered. If you don’t know the process of resetting your password, then have a look at the steps given below:

How to Reset Orbi Router Password

Orbi routers come with default password letting users access the dashboard of their WiFi device. If you want to change the default password or interested to change the existing one, then you are required to access Advanced settings of your Orbi by logging into the device. You can reach there by following the steps below:

  • Launch a web browser on your device and visit

Note: You are advised to use the web browser that is running the latest version to avoid any browser-related issues.

  • Let the Orbi login window reveal.
  • Enter the default credentials or the one you are using.
  • Hit the login button.
  • You will reach the Basic Home page.
  • Locate the Advanced option on the page and choose Administration.
  • From here, you can reset the Orbi password by accessing the Set Password page.
  • Once done, hit Apply to save the settings.

This is how you can reset the password of your Orbi router and secure it from potential threats.

Wrap Up

Here’s to hope that this article will prove to be useful for you when it comes to recovering your Orbi password or changing the default one.

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