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June 16, 2022 / Maggie Wilson

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Mesh WiFi Router Kit

Is your router not letting you access the internet? Does the WiFi disconnect the moment you enter the bedroom area? Although the normal WiFi router does provide you ample internet connectivity, it has to fight walls and other solid objects to do so. In such a scenario, investing in a mesh WiFi router kit seems a good idea. But, are these worth the investment? Let us find out.

Let us first understand the basics – what a Mesh WiFi router is.

What is a Mesh WiFi Router?

A mesh WiFi router joints two or more WiFi access points together. It helps create and share a single, seamless WiFi network that you can expand to cover a large area. Now, instead of one router, you have multiple units around the establishment providing you uninterrupted internet access.

Let us now understand the basics of Mesh WiFi router.

Traditional WiFi Routers vs Mesh WiFi Routers

In a traditional WiFi setup, router is the center and main equipment that broadcasts the wireless signals for you to access the internet. It smoothly routes online traffic between a device and the internet. It is why the majority of users do not pay much attention to it until the WiFi signals go down.

But, traditional WiFi routers suffer from complete reach of wireless signals. So, large establishments that need internet access on all floors are not able to get it. This leads to the emergence of WiFi dead zones.

A Mesh WiFi router kit removes these dead zones. Instead of broadcasting WiFi signals from a single point, it offers you multiple access points. One node connects to the internet modem and acts as the router. One or more access points (Satellites) capture the router’s signal and rebroadcast it.

With that said, let us check out the 5 reasons why investing in a Mesh WiFi router is worth it.

1. Blanket WiFi Everywhere

Do you live in a multi-storied home? Having a Mesh WiFi router kit helps a lot. After you set up the main device, all you need to do is plug in a satellite unit and connect it to the WiFi network. Moreover, you can start with 3 satellites and add up to 10 on the same network. You can keep them where you need internet access.

2. No Clunky Web Interface

Having a Mesh WiFi router kit takes internet networking to another level. There is no complicated web admin interface to deal with. All you need is a simple and intuitive mobile application to complete the setup.

It makes it easier for you to access the internet. You need not worry about changing the network password, blocking access to internet, or restarting the WiFi network through web access.

3. Access to Latest Features

The ability to control WiFi access for every device within the network gives you power to do much more. Some Mesh WiFi router kits also have a pause internet feature. You can also get companion apps to keep a check on the network speed you get.

4. A Smooth Experience

Managing a single WiFi router sometimes becomes a headache. Thus, creating a network of multiple routers and ensuring they work together is not something an average internet user can do. The Mesh WiFi router kit creates a system that makes it easy for anyone to setup the network and access the internet.

5. Better than Extenders

If you go around looking for a way to improve WiFi coverage, the first thing that comes to mind are WiFi extenders. These are cheap and do not create an issue as far as size goes. But, with a Mesh WiFi router kit all you need to do is plug it into the power socket. This creates a little WiFi network. Mesh WiFi routers create a mini network which you can easily operate without hassle.

But, for you to reap these benefits, there are a few simple guidelines.

Pro Tips for Mesh WiFi Router Kit

  • Have you purchased the latest Netgear Mesh WiFi router kit? Do the following.
  • Make sure you do not perform the orbi reset unless there is an issue with the router performance.
  • Create a strong password for the Mesh WiFi router. This ensures there is no unauthorized access.
  • Do not share your Netgear Mesh WiFi router kit login password with anyone. This can lead to data theft and unauthorized changes in the router’s admin settings.
  • Activate Parental Controls to keep an eye on your kid’s online activity.
  • Never perform the orbi factory reset as that will clear out the changes you might have made to the Netgear WiFi mesh router settings.


When it comes to having a networking device, the Mesh WiFi router kit is the future. The information above helps you understand why investing in them is a good idea.

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