Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router
November 16, 2022 / Bruce Martin

5 Reasons Why Your Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router

Orbi mesh WiFi systems have steered the digital world to the path of development in a unique way. A router and satellites combine to form an Orbi mesh WiFi system and deliver an unparalleled WiFi performance. But, the aforesaid statements seem folktales when the Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue occurs. FYI, Orbi devices need to be in connection with each to work efficiently. If they are not sharing an accurate connection, then things will go out of your hand and online tasks will remain incomplete. In case your Orbi satellite is also not able to communicate with the router, this post is the one-stop solution for you. Here, you will learn the top 5 reasons leading to the emergence of this issue. Read on.

Why is Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router?

I. Power Issues

Power issues are the primary reasons why your Orbi satellite is failing to establish a connection with the router. Perhaps, the area in which you reside is a regular victim of power outages. The second scenario is that you might have connected one of your Orbi devices to a damaged power socket.

Whatever the scenario might be, your focus should be on stabilizing the power supply to your Orbi devices. You can use a UPS to compensate for the power loss due to sudden outages. Additionally, ensure that none of your Orbi devices (router and satellites) is connected to damaged outlets. Or else, you’ll remain a victim of the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue.

II. Your Orbi Devices are Not Synced

The connectivity issue between your Netgear Orbi router and satellites will continue to occur if both are not in sync with each other. Chances are that you forget to press the Sync button on one of the devices. No worries! The issue can be fixed by re-syncing your devices. The steps highlighted below will make you aware of how to sync your Orbi devices:

  • Make sure that your Orbi mesh WiFi system is powered up.
  • Now, move to your Orbi router and hit the button labeled Sync.
  • After a few seconds, do the same with your Orbi satellites.

You will notice that your Orbi devices have successfully synced. In case your Orbi devices fail to sync, it is time to get in touch with our professionals.

III. Outdated Firmware of Router

Another reason dragging you to the Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue might be an outdated firmware of your Orbi router. This is to inform you that an Orbi router utilizes a set of instructions to work. These instructions are nothing but the firmware of your device. However, to make pace with latest technologies in the market, a new firmware version is rolled out by Netgear for Orbi routers. If you want your Orbi to perform well, then the firmware must be updated.

You have to do orbilogin to update the firmware of your Netgear Orbi router. But, keep in mind not to upload the wrong firmware file. Such activity can harm your mesh WiFi system.

IV. Technical Glitches

Technical glitch is a name given to minor errors with any networking device. Although they are minor errors, however, they hold the complete potential to cause the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue. But, there’s one good thing about them. You can fix them with the simplest hack – rebooting. Rebooting is nothing but the act of powering off your Orbi router and turning it back on. Confused? Refer to the instructions given below:

  • Press the Power button on your Orbi router to turn it off.
  • Wait for some time. You can also plug your Orbi out of the power socket.
  • Re-plug your Orbi (if unplugged) and press the Power button again.

That’s how an Orbi router can be rebooted. If the Netgear Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue is still troubling you, then its reason might be the router’s improper location.

V. Improper Location

The location of your Netgear Orbi router is considered improper if it is placed in an area packed with signal interference-creating factors. Know that WiFi interference-causing elements not only obstruct your router’s signals but also deviate them creating a mess. Thus, we advise you to keep your Orbi router away from such objects and devices. Some of the interference-creating elements are mirrors, glasses, aquariums, metal objects, geysers, refrigerators, televisions, microwaves, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Apart from this, do not place your Orbi under a table or inside a cupboard. Once you relocate your router, see if the Orbi satellite not connecting to router problem has been fixed.

In Conclusion

Many Netgear users face WiFi problems due to the connectivity issue between Netgear Orbi router and satellites. We are hopeful that this post has completely made you aware of the reasons behind the Orbi satellite not connecting to router issue. Additionally, you’ve also learned how to troubleshoot the issue. In case there is still a connectivity problem between your Orbi devices, our experts are on their toes to help you.

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