Orbi Not Connecting to internet
April 25, 2023 / Bruce Martin

Why is My Orbi Not Connecting to Internet?

After you have installed the Netgear Orbi WiFi mesh system, we are pretty sure that you are enjoying impeccable internet access throughout your home. However, there’s no denying the fact that Netgear Orbi as well is prone to certain technical issues. A common situation with Orbi is that users report Orbi not connecting to internet issues. This usually happens after a power outage or a firmware update. But these are not the only situations. Orbi may stop connecting to internet at any time due to any reason. In case, you are stuck with no connectivity issue with your Orbi and are looking for a way out of this mess, then this is the right guide for you.

Here we have jotted down the best possible remedies to fix the issue. Go on reading further and get down to troubleshooting on your own.

Solutions to Orbi Not Connecting to Internet

Before you initiate the fixing part, we want you to have a good look at the cable connections. The primary reason why you may get internet issues is faulty cables or loose connections. Therefore check the cables that are connected to the Orbi router. Making the necessary amendments will help you fix the issue with this step itself. On the off chance, you are still stuck with the same problem, you can use the steps mentioned ahead. FYI, you can always contact our team at any point and let them do the troubleshooting part while you simply relax.

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you are going to give a shot at fixing the issue all by yourselves:

Power Cycle Netgear Orbi

Since fixing the cables did not help, it is time you apply some hacks that will help you fix the issue with the internet. First of all, power cycle the Orbi system. Power outages or internet outages may lead to minor temporary technical glitches with the technical devices. These glitches can easily be handled by power cycling the device.

This is why we suggest you power cycle your Netgear Orbi by turning it off and removing it from the wall outlet. After some time, turn on the device back. Netgear Orbi not connecting to internet issue should no more be troubling you now. If it does, try the next step.

Check WiFi Settings

Perhaps something is wrong with the Network Settings. Are you sure you are trying to access the correct network? Go to WiFi settings on your device and check if the WiFi is enabled and you are accessing the correct network name. You can even try turning WiFi off and on and then see if the Orbi is getting connected to the internet or not.

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

The chances are so that there is an issue with the internet connection from the ISP end. Maybe the internet connection is not stable or the speed is slow. Let this issue get resolved by your ISP first before you try connecting to the internet.
Another possibility is the Orbi router is not properly connected to the modem. Bring the devices a little closer to each other and then see if this brings you any luck.

Run Windows Troubleshooting

If the internet connection is fine but still you can’t get your Orbi connected to internet then run Windows Network Troubleshooter on your computer and laptop and let it diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Reset Orbi

If none of the above-mentioned hacks helped you in getting rid of the Orbi not connecting to internet issue, then you need to reset your Orbi to the factory settings. This will help delete any bug that may be the reason behind the issue. Thus, press the button named Reset on the Orbi and reset it. Once the customized settings are erased, you ought to set it up again.

Make sure you are connecting the Orbi router to the modem firmly and then set it up.

Wrap Up

After resetting the Netgear Orbi and doing the Orbi setup, you will no more be facing the same issue “Orbi not connecting to internet” again. Just ensure that you are placing the Orbi at an appropriate location in the home where there is minimum signal interference and obstruction. Apart from that, keep your Orbi’s firmware updated to the latest version and get the best possible network from it.

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