Orbi App Can't Find Orbi Mesh Network
August 21, 2021 / Maggie Wilson

Orbi App Can’t Find Orbi Mesh Network? Let’s Fix!

When it comes to enjoying the blazing-fast internet speed, Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi System can prove to be a stand-out option. Suitable for all-sized homes, the Orbi device is ideal for multi-device connections and lag-free internet usage. But, at times, while connecting the Orbi Mesh system with the Orbi app, users face various issues. One of the most reported issues we have come up with is the ‘Orbi app can’t find Orbi Mesh network’. If you are also experiencing the same and unable to make the most of your Orbi due to connectivity issues, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post.

Here, we’ve summed up various troubleshooting tips on how to fix the ‘Orbi app can’t find Orbi device’ problem. Let’s get started!

Solved: Orbi App Can’t Detect Orbi Mesh Network

There are instances when you may find that your Orbi app is not detecting your Orbi Mesh network. The issue may arise due to various reasons. But, there is no need to worry. Simply have a glimpse of the troubleshooting hacks given below and start using the internet on your smartphone without any hassle. Here we go.

1. Reboot Your Orbi Mesh Network

A small technical glitch can sometimes become big trouble. However, rebooting your Orbi Mesh network can help you get rid of various technical glitches, be they are hardware-related or software-related.

So, before you try any of the advanced troubleshooting steps, reboot your Orbi by unplugging it from its power socket. After a while, plug in the device back to its socket, and see if your Orbi app can now detect the Orbi Mesh network.

2. Is your Orbi set to AP Mode?

If so, then also the Orbi app will not be able to detect your Orbi Mesh network. To verify the same, consider doing the Orbi router login. Once you find yourself on the dashboard of your Orbi, navigate to Advanced > Router/AP mode.

Now, see which mode is enabled for your Orbi Mesh system. If your Orbi is set to the AP mode, consider switching it to the Router mode. This probably will fix the ‘Netgear Orbi App can’t find Orbi Mesh Network’ issue.

3. Disable LTE Connection

Connecting your smartphone to multiple WiFi networks at the same time can also make you fall into the problem of the Orbi app not detecting Orbi network issue. Thus, consider disabling the LTE connection on your smartphone and ensure your device is connected to your Orbi network. As soon as you switch off the Cellular Data and open the Orbi app, chances are your Orbi app will now detect the Orbi Mesh network.

4. Update Your Orbi App

If the software version of the Orbi App you are using is not updated, then also you won’t be able to connect to the network of your Orbi Mesh system. Thus, consider heading towards the App store that is compatible with the OS of your smartphone and install the latest version of the Orbi app on your device. Once done, go to the WiFi settings and see if you can now detect the Orbi Mesh network.

5. Reset and Reconfigure Orbi

None of the aforementioned tricks worked for you? Well, it seems your Orbi Mesh system is not configured in a proper manner. If that’s the case, you need to take your Orbi back to its default settings. For this, you can log in to your Orbi via orbilogin web address. As soon as your Orbi resets to its factory defaults, configure it again using the proper Orbi setup process.

This time you might get success with the process of detecting your Orbi Mesh network through the Orbi app. If still your Orbi network is not being detected by your Orbi app, the last option you can try is to get in touch with our seasoned professionals to help you out.

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