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July 17, 2023 / Bruce Martin

Netgear RBK50 Orbi Setup Issues? Try This!

Netgear RBK50 Orbi WiFi system comes with a router and one satellite. This tri-band system helps to get unparalleled WiFi coverage. I invested in one after checking its reviews online. While I was trying to set it up I failed many times. I looked for troubleshooting steps on Google and nothing worked. So I thought I would better return it as there is something wrong with it. I wanted to give it one last try and it worked. I see on Netgear forums that there are many users who often face this kind of problem. I want all of them to use this guide to resolve similar problems.

What Was Happening During Netgear RBK50 Orbi Setup?

I used the Netgear Orbi app to install this device. The process is very simple and easy. All you have to do is follow the prompts that appear on the screen. But still, I could not get through the process. It went on well in the beginning and then suddenly the setup would halt in between. I would again begin from the very first step. I had to factory reset Orbi every time. I want to tell you what other troubleshooting hacks that I performed.

Troubleshooting Hacks to Fix Orbi Setup Problems

1. Power Cycle Home Network

Power cycling the device works like a magic trick when it comes to fixing any issue with the technical devices. The same I tried with Netgear RBK50 Orbi as well. I rebooted the Orbi system. Here is how the power cycle process can be done:

  • Disconnect the Orbi router from the modem.
  • Turn it off from the On/Off button.
  • Remove the power adapter.
  • Give it some time for rest.
  • After 5 minutes, connect the router to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the router finally.

I hoped this would work, but it never did.

2. Connect to Right Network

Apart from rebooting, I made sure that the mobile that I am using to set up my Orbi device is connected to the right network. In the initial stages of setup, you are supposed to scan the QR code available on the Orbi router to connect to its network. I even did this manually. I went to the WiFi settings of my phone and then connected to the router’s WiFi. This is the most helpful fix that worked for many users. But I failed here as well. I was connected to the right network but still setup was far from happening.

3. Verify the Connections

I read that faulty connections also stop the setup process. Thus I went on checking all the wiring and cables. I looked at every single port in use. I even checked the power connection for there might be interrupting power behind the problem. Everything was intact. Nothing damaged!

4. Reset Orbi

Everytime I failed, I had to reset Orbi to restore factory settings. After resetting I would try all over again from scratch. Resetting, however, is an important step. The current settings get erased and the default values get restored. The instructions for resetting Orbi that I used are given below:

  • Connect the Orbi router to a power source.
  • Ensure a consistent power supply.
  • Find the Reset hole on Orbi now.
  • Press this hole using a paper clip for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Netgear RBK50 Orbi device would reset to the default values this way.

What Actually Worked to Complete Netgear RBK50 Orbi Setup?

After resetting the Orbi router, I would again try the setup process but to fail every time. Finally, while I was about to give up on this, I realized the problem could be with the modem and not the Orbi device. Give it some thought. I wonder why it never ran through my mind earlier! All that I finally did was power cycle the entire home network, including my modem. It needed a fresh start too. Here is what I finally did:

  • Remove the Ethernet cable from the router and modem.
  • Power off the router and disconnect it from the power socket.
  • Turn off the modem also and remove the power cable from its socket.
  • The devices sat idle for 5 minutes.
  • After that make all the connections.
  • Connect the modem and router first.
  • Connect the power cables.
  • Turn on the modem first and then the Orbi router.

After this was done, the setup happened just like that. Isn’t it amazing?

Final Thoughts!

Setting up any WiFi system like Netgear RBK50 Orbi can be tricky sometimes. Since the modem was already working previously, it was still running on those settings. A reboot helped it recover and it all went well after that. In case you get stuck as well while setting up your Orbi device, do try this hack.

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