How to Reset Orbi Satellite to Factory Default Settings?
May 29, 2023 / Maggie Wilson

How to Reset Orbi Satellite to Factory Default Settings?

Do your Netgear Orbi satellites disconnect frequently? Or your Orbi satellite is not working anymore? Whatever the problem is, resetting the networking device can solve these and several other issues. However, this action resets all the customized settings to the factory default settings on your Netgear Orbi device. This includes your customized settings, Wi-Fi SSID and password, etc. So without further ado, let’s dive into the blog and learn what the reset Orbi satellite process does and how you can do it in a hassle-free manner.

We advise you not to skip the information from the post. Otherwise, you may face issues while resetting the Orbi satellite.

Well, first we will tell you about the outcomes of the reset process. Because some users are unaware about the outcomes of resetting and regret after setting the Orbi satellite to its default factory settings.

What Will Happen After You Reset Orbi Satellite?

The very first thing that happens after resetting the Netgear Orbi satellite is all the customized settings and data you previously stored on your networking device are erased. Once everything is gone, your Orbi device will be set to its factory settings once again. This means you will treat your device like a brand-new one.

Your satellite will disconnect from the Orbi router and you need to re-sync the satellite and router to access the blazing-fast internet.

You need to change the password of the Orbi device after resetting it because when the device is reset it is set to its default username and password.

That is what will happen with your device after performing the reset process. Now let’s move to the next passage in which we explained step-by-step guidance to reset the Orbi satellite.

Method to Reset Orbi Satellite

For your information, there is one method to reset the Netgear Orbi satellite which is the hard reset method. In this method, you don’t need to do Orbi login. You just need to press the Reset button manually. Below we give the instructions in detail about the process. You can follow them to reset the device fruitfully.

Ensure the Power

  • The very first step you need to do is verify the power supply. Because to perform the reset process your device should have connected to the good condition wall outlet which supplies the sufficient electricity.
  • Press the start button to power the device.

Find the Reset Button

  • Now you need to find the Reset button on the Netgear Orbi satellite.
  • The Reset button is usually located on the back panel of the device. However, it also depends on the model number.

Press the Reset Button

  • After that, you need to press the button for a couple of seconds.
  • Wait for some time until you see the blinking light.
  • Now your Orbi satellite is reset properly.

This is how you can reset the Orbi satellite through hard reset process in a hassle-free manner. In case you do not get success in the reset process, then move to the next passage in which we mentioned some instant fixes.

Can’t Reset Orbi Satellite?

Check the Power supply

As we already mentioned to get the success in reset process, the device should connect to the working wall outlet. If Orbi is not getting a sufficient power supply from the socket then you may face issues.
So, we advise you to check the power socket of satellite. If you see the socket is damaged, then change it at the same time.

Inspect the Reset Button

Now you have to check the Reset button of the Orbi satellite because some time Reset button is broken mistakenly and users keep using it. As a result, at the time of reset, it does not work correctly. Thus, take a look at the button if you see the switch is damaged or broken then, change it.

Press the Button Properly

To reset the device manually, it is important to press the Reset button properly. Maybe you just press the button or not take hold for a couple of minutes. So, to your knowledge whenever you are trying to reset the device through a hard reset, you need to press the button for a couple of seconds until the device blinks.

Bottom Lines

We hope this write-up will help you to reset Orbi satellite in a hassle-free manner. We advise you to obey the steps mentioned above carefully. You surely will get the success in reset process. In case you have any problem or concern, then you can reach out to our team.

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