Orbi Blue Light is Not Turning Off
September 29, 2021 / Maggie Wilson

Help! My Orbi Blue Light is Not Turning Off

“I recently configured an Orbi router at my home to enjoy seamless internet connectivity in all areas of my home. Although the device is working well after the setup, however, after a few days of configuration, the LED light on my Orbi stuck on solid blue. This is making me disturb, especially at night! Will you please help me fix the Orbi blue light issue?”

The issue has been reported by one of Netgear Orbi users in recent times. We thought that there could be a technical glitch making the user experience Orbi blue light issue on his device. But, lately, we have received many more queries to have a fix for the same. This is why we have come up with this blog explaining each and every tip you can try to fix the Orbi blue light issue, be it on your router or satellite.

Here’s How to Fix Orbi Blue Light Issue

Power Cycle Your Orbi

The very first trick that can help you get rid of the Orbi blue light issue can be rebooting your Orbi. Yes, you read it right! A power cycling process helps in resolving various technical glitches, preventing a WiFi device to deliver its best. You can execute the process by following the steps below:

  • Turn off your Orbi router and satellite
  • Unplug them from their sockets
  • Let both the devices sit without power for some time
  • Plug them back into their sockets
  • Power up both the devices one by one
  • See if the Orbi blue light is gone or not

Update Firmware

Orbi blue light issue can also occur if the firmware that is being used on your Orbi is outdated. To rid yourself of the problem, consider updating the firmware of both your Orbi router and satellite. To update the firmware

  • Log in to your Orbi by accessing the orbilogin web address.
  • Navigate to Settings > Router Settings
  • A list of options will appear. From that locate and click ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  • If you get notified about the availability of a new firmware update for your Orbi, click the Update Firmware option.
  • Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Orbi firmware update process. The same way you can update the firmware on your Orbi satellite.

Reset and Reconfigure Orbi

The last resort you can try to fix the Orbi blue light issue is to reset your device to the default factory settings. Chances are your Orbi is not configured in a proper manner that is why your Orbi blue light is not turning off. To reset your Orbi to factory defaults:

  • Make sure your Orbi is plugged into a working socket.
  • Now, check all the sides of your Orbi to locate the Reset button.
  • Get a paper clip handy and press the Reset button on your Orbi using it.
  • Once you find the power LED on your Orbi is blinking amber, release the button.
  • That’s it! This is how you can reset your Orbi to default settings.

Now, you are suggested to set up your Orbi once again using the proper configuration process. It is expected that after the reconfiguration of your device, you will no more be bothered by the Orbi blue light issue. Just in case you still are getting the same issue, ask our technical experts to help you out.

FYI, our seasoned experts are available 24×7 to help Orbi users fix various issues hampering their WiFi using experience. No matter whether you need expert advice for setting up an Orbi or to fix Orbi blue light issue, we are on our toes!

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